Color: Chocolate Brown Walls

Ashleigh’s Most Recent Current Obsession:

Chocolate Damask Wallpapered Nursery(image source)

Okay… Okay…I’ll be the first one to admit… This nursery is a *tiny* bit over the top for me.  I think it’s a combination of the small space  + too much furniture + dark walls.  Or maybe it’s the oddly sized chandelier.  Either way, something’s a little off about this room to me, but one thing is absolutely certain:  I LOVE THE COLOR ON THE WALLS!  This rich chocolate brown has become a new must-have for me, and I want to show you that this is totally do-able and functional in your house, whether in a baby’s room or your kitchen!

Here are the walls that I completely and totally envy:

(image source)

I have always always always loved a white kitchen and never once thought of pairing it with this gorgeous brown.  What was I thinking all of these years to ignore such a gorgeous color combination?  My future dream kitchen thanks me and looks a lot like this.  Something about this reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream… Yum!

(image source)

Brown and red?  Oh yes, please!  One look at how rich and elegant a few pops of red can make those beautiful brown walls, and I want to paint a nursery with three walls brown and one wall red.  Or vice versa.  Anyone want to volunteer?  That picture is proof it would look good!

(image source)

I think I like this one simply for it’s simplicity.  A stunning headboard, crisp white linens, and glowing lamps.  What more could a girl ask for?  Oh yeah, those WALLS!  Plus, this one reminds me of our whole shabby chic-ness post series (why did I not think of chocolate walls for those three nurseries?!)

(image source)

Another bedroom for you.  And that leather headboard trimmed in white can come live at my house anytime it would like to!  I also love the textured curtains.  On the far windows, the fabric looks almost sheer but in the foreground you can see the texture in all of it’s glory.  And please notice the beautiful side table on the left of the bed.  So French chic…

And last but not least… My favorite…

(image source)

It’s probably near to my heart because of the pink and pretty girly-ness, but I can’t get over how the Nestle Yoohoo-colored walls show off the furniture without looking harsh or dark.  And they make the perfect backdrop for green furniture, and we all know I’m a sucker for painted furniture

So what do you think?  Would you paint any of your walls brown?  Or is this all a little over the top for you like our first nursery was?  Let me know what you think!

(p.s.  Don’t forget that last picture… we’re going to be doing a whole nursery revolving around that one!)

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Back To The Basics

Have you noticed a trend in home decorating lately?  This trend toward simple and clean.  White with colorful accents.  Basics re-invented.  Less frill.  Less fluff.  Maybe it’s a product of our present economy– this need to keep things simple in the home to alleviate some of the crazy going on elsewhere.  I don’t know why it’s here, but I do have a confession to make… I love it!

Now let’s be honest.  Anyone who knows me, has had a five minute conversation with me, or has passed me in the mall knows that I love my fluff, my ruffles, and my frills.  But something inside of me just can’t not love these new basics!

I mean, truly, would any of you say you would HATE to come home to this bed…

*sigh*  It’s just so relaxing-looking isn’t it?  See now why I’m loving this trend?  And truth be told, no other room in the house is feeling this trend more than nurseries!

Have any of you been into Sugarfoot’s lately and seen the simple, classically boy set called Luke?  No?  Well, here’s what I’m talking about…

Bebe Chic Luke Bedding Set

Bebe Chic “Luke” Bedding Set, available at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique

I won’t even lie, I am obsessed obsessed obsessed with this bedding set!  Nothing says little boy to me more than a good navy & white stripe, and this bedding set plays off of that so well!  It’s so simple, so clean, so basic with a punch.  This bedding would be beautiful on just about any crib, but I would love to see it on a dark chocolate finish with a navy chest of drawers and khaki striped walls (think khaki gloss paint with a khaki matte stripe).  Classicly perfect little boy.

But this emerging trend isn’t just for little boys, oh no no.  This trend is absolutely precious for little girls, and I’m not going to lie, I want this next bedding set for my big girl bed!

New Arrivals Sugar Baby Bedding

Sugar Baby Crib Bedding from New Arrivals, Inc., Available at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique

That hot pink absolutely pops against that white pique bumper!  And don’t even get me started on the dust ruffle.   If this were mine, I would toss in a hot pink jersey knit sheet and a matching changing pad cover, and call it a day!  A sweet green, pale pink, or even a light blue on the walls would just set this bedding off!  P.s. Does anyone recognize that fabric from a Sugarfoot’s nursery we did a little while back? I do :)

The best part about these bedding sets?  Slipcovered bumpers.  Scared of white with babies?  Don’t be!  These slipcovered bumpers feature a zipper on the bottom to make cleaning easier.  Just slip out the insert and toss it in the wash (with a little salt to keep the colors from bleeding, of course!).

And Bebe Chic Bedding is making this re-inventing the basics trend easy for anyone.  Their White Collection bedding is classic, simple, and clean all wrapped up in a bow.  You start with a solid white pique bumper, choose from over 100 fabrics for your trim, sheet, and dust ruffle.  And voila!  You have a custom-designed Basics bedding set!  Plus, the three piece sets will only run you $399 which is a GREAT deal considering the prices of most custom bedding!

Are you noticing yourself being drawn towards this back to basics trend in your own house?  How so?  Share here, share often, and always include pictures!

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Toil and Trouble…

Happy October, everyone!

Only 29 days until Halloween!  Sugarfoot’s isn’t carrying costumes this year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love us a good baby costume!  Here are some of our favorites…


Zebra Costume, sizes 6m to 4 year, $24.95,

Toddler Sock Monkey Costume, $24.95, 12-18m available,

Baby MD Layette Set from Baby Aspen, $25, size 0-6m, available at Sugarfoot’s

Baby Ballerina Layette Set from Baby Aspen (hat not shown in picture), $25, sz 0-6m, available at Sugarfoot’s

If you’re a big football fan and are lucky enough to have a newborn at Halloween, this one’s for you!

Football Beanie & Cocoon Costume, $38, from nellybeanco’s Etsy Shop

And just because I’m a sucker for cute baby pictures…

Get the look here —

Now that you’ve got some ideas, go find something cute and don’t forget to bring your little one to our Fall & Halloween pictures on October 15th & 16th!  Sign up now; packages start at just $20!!

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All Things Bright And Beautiful…

Hello again!

Since we finished up our Shabby Chic-ness trilogy yesterday, I figured I would show you some of the pieces that I fell in love with along the way that somehow didn’t make it into our nurseries…

Let’s start with… Pillows!

First of all, you absolutely mustmustmust check out Little Miss Momma‘s Etsy shop…  Her pillows are just too too cute and I may or may not being buying nearly all of them!

Just look how sweet….

Ticking Bow Pillow, $30                         Farmhouse Flower Chic Pillow, $45                        Muslin Ruffle Chic Pillow, $30

It really doesn’t help that LittleMissMomma makes burlap elegant and beautiful and I have a *tiny* obsession with burlap at the moment…  But really, go see her things.  (P.s. She has no idea where Sugarfoot’s is or who I am, and I just truly love her things!)

And thanks to Layla Grayce, I’m now about to buy myself everything Bella Fiore… see the whole collection here but these are my absolute favorites… (hint hint, wink wink)

Cream Damask Frame, $54                      Isabella Ribbon Frame, $72                       Mod Circle & Jewel Frame, $55

And this chandelier makes me drool like a little baby… I want to hang it in a bathroom…. or you know, a nursery would be nice too!

ParParis Flea Market Chandelier in Blush,, $350

And finally….

I won’t lie… I caved… I bought this and it is currently en-route to my home… THE laundry bag…

Ruffle Laundry Bag in Cream, $36  from Urban Outfitters (no, seriously!!)

RUFFLES!!!  I just couldn’t help myself… Every single Shabby Chic-ness post I made I tried to put this in there, but it never quite worked.  Instead, it will work perfectly in my house to hide the mess that is always laundry.  I absolutely love love love it!

And that, my dears, is the end of the shabby chic thread.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!!

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Shabby Chic-ness La Fin

Oh. My. Goodness.  This has been a crazy busy past few weeks, and I am SO SO SO sorry this post has been so late!  Is the anticipation eating you alive yet?  Okay, okay, let’s get started!!

So we’re at the end of our Shabby Chic-ness adventure, and I’m sad to see it go.  Don’t be surprised if we revisit this exact same topic down the road a bit.  It really is a problem….

This last nursery is inspired by the gorgeous khaki pillows on the bed and I’m going one step further and incorporating some brown in too.  I’m not going to lie, this one is by far one of my favorites.  Maybe it’s my love of all things brown, or maybe it’s just that I’m buying myself a lot of the pieces that I’m featuring here.  Either way, I hope you love this one as much as I do!

Just so we all remember where we came from, check out the past three days worth of posts (okay, so it’s been going on since Monday which is more than three days, but work with me here!).  To refresh, here’s our inspiration….

But we’re not making big people bedrooms.  No, no, we’re making baby bedrooms!  So let’s get started!

{Remember:  we’re using all of the same paint, furniture, and bedding in all three rooms, so get a feel for it here and then continue reading!}

First things first:  Lighting!

Two of these sconces on either side of a mirror above the dresser would be stunning…

Jubilee Collection Chocolate 1-Arm Wall Sconce, $110, special order from Sugarfoot’s

And I want them with these sconce shades…

Jubilee Collection Khaki Silk Sconce Shade with Brown Tie, $27.00 each

The silk just screams luxury and the brown tie adds a touch of masculinity.

And because I can’t resist ruffles and I’m in love with burlap right now, I love this valance!

Burlap Ruffled Valance from PaulaAndErika’s Etsy shop, $30

I have a weak spot for ruffles and the burlap is so unexpected but adorably chic.  And at just $30?  I want two!

Add a cozy place for baby to play with this rug…

Rug in Gold from the Rug Market America look book (no link on this one, sorry!)

And add a tiny wash of color (or bring a whole new color into the room’s palette) by tossing this pillow on the glider…

Glenna Jean Houndstooth Check Pillow, available for order at Sugarfoot’s

You can’t really tell from that picture, but it’s a khaki houndstooth with a pale blue background.  Perfect for adding a little texture, a little pattern, and a little color!

And last but certainly not least, wall art!!  I am in love with everything about this painting for a little girl…

Perfect Balance from Oopsy Daisy, available for order at Sugarfoot’s

The ballerina (because what little girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina and wear pretty costumes?), the poofy skirt, the abstract faceless-ness.  It’s not a baby’s room-style painting that will have to be replaced in a few years.  Plus, it has amazing colors to match perfectly with our shabby chic room!

Want to add some little boy charm?  This set of vintage car advertisements would be a darling ode to boys and their toys…

Antique Automobile Advertisements from TagSaleFinds’ Etsy Shop, $7.00 (!!!)

Frame and mat the whole set in white-washed frames that complement each other but aren’t necessarily matchy-matchy and hang them all on the wall above the crib…  OR find an antique window pane with 6 or 8 panes, and use a tiny dab of jewelers glue to put these little gems in each of the panes!   Can I have a little boy’s room to decorate, please??

Now that we’re done, I’m all ready to start again.  What did you love about this Shabby Chic-ness neutral room with brown accents?  Are there any other pieces you would have added?  Did you do something similar in your nursery or another room in your house?  Share!

P.s. Tomorrow’s post will be a mishmesh of all of the shabby chic accents & little doo-dads I just didn’t have time or space to add into these rooms!  You don’t want to miss the laundry bag!

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Shabby Chic-ness Part Trois

Shabby chic-ness time again!!  I’m so excited to continue our shabby chic nurseries from Monday and yesterday

Once again, here’s our inspiration….

And today we’re going to be doing a nursery inspired by the gilded chandelier and lamps!  I love love love gold accents in any room.  It looks so chic and elegant and expensive (but it doesn’t have to be!)…

Keep in mind, we’re using the same wall color, bedding, & furniture from yesterday’s nursery and just switching up the accessories!  And I’ll warn y’all now, everything in this post is from Etsy (well, except for two things)… It’s my addiction.

Now, you’ve heard me say it before, but I really don’t particularly like the idea of getting rid of a fan for a chandelier (it is the south, after all), but this chandelier I just can’t stand not having in a nursery…

(Glenna Jean Chandelier w/ Shades, available at Sugarfoot’s)

I don’t know if it’s the crystal drops or the adorable tiny little shades covering the bulbs, but I want this chandelier in my bathroom (cause what screams elegance more than a bathroom chandelier?).  I think it’s the perfect starting point in a gilded shabby chic nursery!

Next, wall decor (can you tell by now that this is one of my favorite parts of decorating a nursery?)… 

I want these antique maps…

(Antique Maps of European Countries, elitas’ Etsy shop, $11.00)

and I want to frame them in frames like these….

(Pristine Set of UNIQUE Porcelain Picture Frames, GallivantingGirls’ Etsy Shop, $45)

The colors in the maps bring a hint of color to the room without being overboard, and let me tell you from personal experience, colorful maps make interesting wall art (I have a map of Canada. Yes, Canada.).

I also could see these vintage postcards…

( French Postcards Set of 10, BlueLaReve’s Etsy Shop, $19.95)

…framed these in those same frames I mentioned earlier.  Perfect!  Group them as a set of 9 on a wall as a statement piece!  Trust me on this one, odd numbers work better than even numbers when you’re grouping things on a wall.

And because I can’t resist anything Prince/Princess inspired and you’ll need a lamp for when you don’t want to turn on the big overhead lights…

 (Mid Century Vintage Stage Coach Lamp, Holliezhobbiez’s Etsy Shop, $39.95)

 Yes, that’s really a lamp!  And it’s got 18kt gold accents.  *sigh* I must have this today.

And to add some serious elegance and sophistication, even if it sits on a dresser instead of an actual vanity, use this vanity tray…

(Large Vintage Oval Vanity Mirror, michellemarieandco’s Etsy Shop, $38.00)

and I just love how michellemarieandco styled this photo!  The hint of pink in the trinket dish, the gorgeous apothecary jars, and the pearls… I personally like these apothecary jars…

(Set of Three Glass Apothecary Canisters, Classic Hostess, $25.85)

…and it’s pretty much ’cause they’re only $26! And maybe ’cause I already own them…  Either way, they’re wonderful, they hold a lot of whatever you need (in my case, candy), and they’re inexpensive so if you break one (like I did), it’s not devastating!

If you really wanted to go the golden route in this room, use the same crib from yesterday, but do it in the Venetian Gold finish…

(Bratt Decor Venetian Crib in Venetian Gold, available at Sugarfoot’s)

Love it!  And you could drape the canopy with gorgeous sheer netting (at least until baby can stand up and grab it) to add some romance.

I really do think that gold accents can add sophistication to any nursery so long as they’re done right.  And tomorrow, our third and final nursery, will be inspired by the same picture as we’ve been using, but this time we’ll be making it more masculine and using chocolate/taupe/brown accents!  You’ll LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Did you use any gold accents in your nursery?  Would you consider adding them in?  Share!

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Shabby Chic-ness Part Deux

I have a confession.

I might maybe could possibly have gone a *little* bit overboard in finding things for this nursery that I promised you yesterday

No, really. It’s a problem.

I have over 100 pictures saved just for this one post.  But that’s the thing about “shabby chic”…. It’s MY thing.  So what’s a girl to do?!  I can’t just pick 5-10 pictures to use.  And considering they range from country shabby to elegant shabby and everything in between, I can’t even pick a theme!.

So here’s my solution.  We’re going to do three separate nurseries inspired by this picture…

(apparently this picture was in Coastal Living at some point or another… it’s been on my harddrive for at least a year…)

Welcome to Part Deux (or Nursery #1)….  For this one, I can’t get past the mirrored headboard on the bed.  Now, let’s be honest, putting mirrors where a child could reach and potentially break them isn’t the best idea.  But those are just too prominent to not notice and design around… Mirrors are wonderful things.  Mirrors make smaller rooms look bigger; mirrors reflect light and make a dark space seem bright; mirrors are magical things!

First up:  paint color.  Now, that paneling in bright white on the walls in our inspiration room is a tad much for me.  So I’m going to keep it simple and go with a creamy/khaki color instead…  (although the board and batten idea I featured last week would be an idea to consider…)

(Toasted Marshmallow, 760C-1, Behr paint)

Next:  furniture.  This room lends itself to a whimsical furniture feeling.  A light, airy open ironwork crib in antique white is the perfect backdrop for what we’re going to do in the bedding…

(Casablanca Premiere Crib by Bratt Decor, special order from Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique)

Now for the bedding… I’m going to need you to use your imagination a little bit for this one…

This is the bumper inside and outside with the stripe trim and ties… (yes, that’s dupioni silk for the bumper — this nursery is luxurious!)…

Neutral Bedding

And this is the dust ruffle… (khaki and cream stripe… remember, your screen might look different than mine… on mine, everything matches here!)…

stripe for dust ruffle

Now for the fun part — accessories!!  Remember, this nursery is all about mirrors.  And we’re going to make a statement with these mirrors…

(Beautiful White Vintage Syroco Shelves, RevivedVintage‘s Etsy shop, $119)

Gorgeous!  With the crib flush against a wall, these mirrors will go on either side of the crib and out of baby’s reach!  And some sweet flowers on the shelves (I think they’re for candles really) would give these a soft little accent of color in an otherwise extremely neutral room.

But we’re not stopping there with mirrors… no, no… we’re going to put this mirror (without the little friends sign)…

over this dresser…

(Caroline Single Dresser from Young America, Victorian White finish).

I love the idea of decorating with old window panes and what’s cuter in this room than a window pane mirror?!  And it’s perfectly distressed and the perfect size to hang over the dresser than doubles as a changing table during the baby years.  But we’ve only just begun…

There are a total of three of these shutter mirrors on this Etsy shop…

(38×25 Architectural Shutter Mirror, ebayparisfleamarket’s Etsy shop, $49.99)

I want to hang all three in a horizontal grouping on a blank wall (and there’s only one of each left in the Etsy shop so if they’re not there tonight, I’ll know it was one of you who swiped my loves)… Below the three mirrors, finish off the room with a sweet nightstand (a distressed pink or blue would be beautiful!) and a glider with taupe trim like this one …

And last but not least…. I  love love love the idea of using one of these giant mirrored letters on the door and tying it at the top with a ribbon to match the creamy white shabby chic-ness inside the room!

(Mirrored Wall Letters, PB Teen, on sale for $49.99)

Okay, I’m officially starting re-decorating my house ASAP (and lucky me, I’m moving this weekend so I really might just!).  Tomorrow, we’ll talk some about doing a nursery based off the gorgeous lamps and gilt chandelier in our inspiration room…. Now I’m off to obsess some more!!

What mirrored accents would you use in this room?  Did you use mirrors in your nursery?  Share!

P.s. I’m going to round out this Shabby Chic-ness trifecta of posts with an all-accessories post for shabby chic nurseries… watch out!!

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