The Golden Egg

Easter is one my favorite times of the year.  Normally because it involves candy, spring weather, and pretty clothes — three of my favorite things!  But growing up, it was always about the Easter Egg Hunt.

Whether it was at the church or in our backyard, my sister and I always had to “race” to see who could get the best stuff.  And the Golden Egg.

What is this Golden Egg, you ask?

Well, remember Aesop’s Fable about the goose who laid the golden egg?  That ol’ Golden Egg has made its way into Easter Egg Hunts!  If you find the Golden Egg, you get a special surprise.  And lucky for all of us, we’ve found a way to make it easy!

The Golden Egg in Gift Box, $13.99

Ta da!  The Golden Egg!   But easier!   This lil’ guy is hollow and you can hide the finder’s prize right inside!  And store it in the gift box until the next year’s Easter Egg Hunt!

You can call us or stop by Sugarfoot’s to pre-order your Golden Egg!  They’ll be in by March 18th and we know they’re going to go fast so get yours NOW!

Do you have any fun family traditions for Easter?  Time to start one!


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