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An Ode to Alabama Football

Who’s ready for football season to start in just over one week?!  We sure are!

From Alabama Baby Clothes and Gifts to Houndstooth Bedding and Baby Books, we LOVE anything Alabama and especially when it includes houndstooth!

Not only is this fabric popular in good ol’ Alabama thanks to Bear Bryant’s hat, this is also a classic print fabric that we’re seeing everywhere from dresses and purses to chairs and curtains!

We get a lot of requests for Alabama nurseries, and while our tried and true black and white houndstooth bedding always looks great (and we keep it in stock!), I wanted to make a nursery that ever-so-gentlemanly tips its hat at the famous at fabric and University without getting too “Alabama themed”.

Here’s what I’ve come up with….

1. Young America’s Built to Grow 2000 Slat Crib in Black Light Antique — black to add some weight and convertible so it grows up with your little one!

2. Houndstooth and chocolate linen bumper for the crib from Pine Creek Bedding with a chocolate velour inside and trimmed in (#7) crimson linen fabric

3. A classic red ticking stripe fabric for the dust ruffle and an accent pillow for the glider again from Pine Creek Bedding.

4. Young America’s All Seasons 5 drawer chest in Chili Pepper Sand Thru

5. Four Season’s Sarah Glider in white with chocolate piping — made from a down-mix filling, this chair spoils you!  We’ve talked about these chairs before, and you’ve absolutely got to sit on one to appreciate it.  Plus, you don’t have to be scared of white fabric because it’s a slipcover that can be washed or dry-cleaned!

6. A vintage state of Alabama print that I found on Etsy (my love) — The detail is adorable, and I love the darker green as an accent to the chocolates and reds!

7. Classic crimson linen fabric — accent with this fabric to your heart’s content.  Use it for drapes, for accent pillows, and more!

The background is the paint color I would use (and it helps that it’s what’s already in my guest room)– Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige.  A dark khaki that isn’t overwhelming but is a great neutral you won’t have to paint again in three years.

Since we have multiple Daniel Moore Alabama prints in our house, I would “borrow” a couple to hang over the chest and on an accent wall over the glider.

There you have it.  My classic nursery with a sweet and simple nod to Alabama.  I’d like to think it’s one of those classic nurseries that can grow with the little one, but I’m always open to comments, suggestions, etc.  Tell me what you think!

And don’t forget — Sugarfoot’s has your baby Bama fan covered for football season and beyond!  Shop now for the best selection of clothes, gifts, and more!


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How to do Neutral The Right Way

So… if you’re one of those mommies that isn’t finding out what you’re having, I applaud you.  I really don’t think I would ever have the willpower to not know if I was given the chance.  And the fact that I work in a baby store and design nurseries every single day doesn’t help at all.  I would HAVE to know.

But say you don’t know.  What do you do?  You wouldn’t want a girly boy room or a masculine girl’s room, so where do you draw the line?  What makes a really good gender neutral room?

I say look to your own home for inspiration.  Chances are, you share your home with a boy.  Your dad, your husband, your brother, etc.  And your living spaces end up being a nice compromise between masculine and feminine, right?

Okay… so maybe that rule doesn’t apply across the board… and I do apologize if anything in your home looks like this, I don’t mean to offend.

But back to our nursery.  A good neutral nursery finds a good balance with both masculine elements and feminine elements.  The easiest colors are exactly what you would think — neutrals!  My favorite combination is sage green with khaki.

From my favorite: Southern Living (click picture for link)

I love how sophisticated this nursery is, but even from looking at the picture, I can’t really tell if it’s for a girl or a boy.  And I LOVE that!  Throw a few pink (or blue) pillows into the mix once the baby’s here, and you’re set!  White furniture is a good neutral, but some people thing white shouldn’t be used for boys.  If you’re in that camp, then use espresso or cherry furniture.  Cherry especially in this room would be stunning.

Now, to preface the next nursery, yes, it’s for a little boy.  But…

Can you see how easy it would be to change the blue for pink to make a girly room, or you could just throw in a beautiful Clean & White bedding set with khaki trim, and you don’t have to know the gender! Love love love the paint on the walls!

The best way to do a neutral nursery?


A gender neutral room done just the way I like it.  Simple color scheme, simple decor, and lots of vintage charm.   Plus, my walls are already that color, so I wouldn’t even have to paint!

Remember, there are no rules for a “right” or “wrong” nursery.  As long as it’s safe for baby and includes a crib, then it’s a baby’s room; when you put some heart and love into making it cozy spot for you and baby to bond, then it’s a nursery.

Did you do a gender neutral nursery?  Show us pictures!  Did you start out with every hope of not finding out and then caved at that ultrasound?  Tell us your story!


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Inspired: Chocolate Walled Nursery

So, maybe you might remember how I fell in love with chocolate walls not too long ago?  Well, if you remember that, then I’m sure you remember that I wanted to design a nursery inspired by this picture…

(image source)

I recently came to the realization that I have been overlooking the fact that we have GORGEOUS chocolate brown walls at Sugarfoot’s… Seriously, how did I miss this for so long?!  After staring mindlessly at our beautiful walls for hours on end, I finally got to thinking about designing the nursery from that picture…

It’s pretty obvious that with dark chocolate walls, white furniture will look ah-mazing, so this is the bed we’re going to use…

 (Young America Built to Grow Panel and Spindle Crib, available at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique)

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?  Solid hardwood, made in the USA, finished in a stunning Florentine Antique White.  And just look at those little feet!!  I love it!  So yes, this is our bed.  But we can’t let it be all drab-fab.  Oh, no, we must add some COLOR!

I love the green chair in the inspiration room, but that chair would be mighty uncomfortable for rocking a baby.  So instead of a chair, we’re going to do this…

( Young America MyHaven Double Dresser, available at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique )

That, m’dears, is a Sea Grass Green double dresser — and it even works as achanging table, too!  Don’t be afraid to embrace mismatched nursery furniture!  With chocolate walls, especially, we’ll need the furniture to keep the room from feeling dark or confined.

But wait, there’s a significant amount of pink in that inspiration picture, so we can’t forget to add a pretty little pop of pink.  For me, anything pink would have to come in this form or I would never ever ever be happy…

Young America Ma Marie Single Door Armoire, available at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique

Yes, it is cotton candy pink.  And yes, I am quite tempted to charge it to the credit card and take it home with me today!  I think this entire piece stems from the fact that I have always always always wanted a mirrored door armoire, and never had one growing up. Because of my deprivation, I find it necessary to make sure no little girl goes through the suffering I did and include these sweet girly pieces in all of my nurseries.  We are, after all, buying furniture that is built to grow with your child, and what little lady doesn’t need a full-length mirror set in pink?? Plus, it looks like a gorgeous antique with a girly twist.

So now that we have our furniture in place, it’s time for bedding!  And lucky for you, this time I have JUST the bedding set for this room!

Pine Creek Custom Bedding Pink and Green

Pine Creek Custom 3 Piece Bedding Set (was $399, now on sale for $299!) at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique

Sweet green stripes, pink on pink polka dots, and pretty pretty flowers — this is definitely my kind of bedding.  Plus, it’s a one-of-a-kind and it’s on sale.  Be still, my heart!  This gorgeous set brings in all of the pretty colors we’re playing with in the furniture; yes, it’s tempting to toss in a little brown with all of these soft colors, but that temptation will only lead to heartbreak when the brown in the bedding takes away from the brown on the walls, and we want each piece of this nursery to be beautiful separate and together, so we’ll stick with pastels and no browns.

Let’s add in a few accessories…

Like this lamp from My Baby Sam (available here) in sweet pink and green polka dots…

This set of 5 garden gates from Glenna Jean for wall art above the crib (available at Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique)…

And last but not least (one of my favorite nursery trends ever)…

Beautiful wooden letters that hang from pretty pink ribbons (from New Arrivals, Inc, and available at Sugarfoot’s).  I would put these above the dresser staggered the way it’s pictured — the pink and cream would stand out so well on those chocolate walls!

And there’s our nursery, but before we go, I have one last surprise for you.  We have the crib I used, the bedding I used, and two pieces in the colors that I used for this nursery in the store.  So as a thank you for always using your imagination to put together these nurseries, here is a picture of what this nursery would look like… (Now, please forgive the lighting — it’s pretty bad because of the flourescents in the store!)…

So what do you think?!  Do you love it?  I certainly do!  If you want to re-create this nursery for yourself, just stop by the store and we’ll get to work!

Did you use pink and green in your nursery?  Are you a fan of mismatched nursery furniture?  Share!

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Color: Chocolate Brown Walls

Ashleigh’s Most Recent Current Obsession:

Chocolate Damask Wallpapered Nursery(image source)

Okay… Okay…I’ll be the first one to admit… This nursery is a *tiny* bit over the top for me.  I think it’s a combination of the small space  + too much furniture + dark walls.  Or maybe it’s the oddly sized chandelier.  Either way, something’s a little off about this room to me, but one thing is absolutely certain:  I LOVE THE COLOR ON THE WALLS!  This rich chocolate brown has become a new must-have for me, and I want to show you that this is totally do-able and functional in your house, whether in a baby’s room or your kitchen!

Here are the walls that I completely and totally envy:

(image source)

I have always always always loved a white kitchen and never once thought of pairing it with this gorgeous brown.  What was I thinking all of these years to ignore such a gorgeous color combination?  My future dream kitchen thanks me and looks a lot like this.  Something about this reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream… Yum!

(image source)

Brown and red?  Oh yes, please!  One look at how rich and elegant a few pops of red can make those beautiful brown walls, and I want to paint a nursery with three walls brown and one wall red.  Or vice versa.  Anyone want to volunteer?  That picture is proof it would look good!

(image source)

I think I like this one simply for it’s simplicity.  A stunning headboard, crisp white linens, and glowing lamps.  What more could a girl ask for?  Oh yeah, those WALLS!  Plus, this one reminds me of our whole shabby chic-ness post series (why did I not think of chocolate walls for those three nurseries?!)

(image source)

Another bedroom for you.  And that leather headboard trimmed in white can come live at my house anytime it would like to!  I also love the textured curtains.  On the far windows, the fabric looks almost sheer but in the foreground you can see the texture in all of it’s glory.  And please notice the beautiful side table on the left of the bed.  So French chic…

And last but not least… My favorite…

(image source)

It’s probably near to my heart because of the pink and pretty girly-ness, but I can’t get over how the Nestle Yoohoo-colored walls show off the furniture without looking harsh or dark.  And they make the perfect backdrop for green furniture, and we all know I’m a sucker for painted furniture

So what do you think?  Would you paint any of your walls brown?  Or is this all a little over the top for you like our first nursery was?  Let me know what you think!

(p.s.  Don’t forget that last picture… we’re going to be doing a whole nursery revolving around that one!)

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