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Products We Love: Snuggin Go

If you follow us on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen us talking about the Snuggin Go.  If you’ve ever wondered “What in the world is a SnugginGo?”  well, I have answers for you today!

We absolutely love the Snuggin Go products.  It’s one of our must-haves for registries and moms just can’t get enough of them.

This is a Snuggin Go.

Snuggin Go

It comes it lots of fun colors (as well as black and a camel/khaki too), and it’s covered it everyone’s favorite fabric — Minky Dot Chenille!

The side bars are designed to keep baby’s head from lolling around (especially when they sleep).  There is a bottom bar for when baby’s bum doesn’t quite fit in the car seat (it’s removable),  and the top bar is adjustable to fit behind baby’s shoulder blades.  What does this do?  It helps baby sit up straight in their car seats, swings, strollers, etc.

Like this…

Snuggin Go Before & After

That’s a before and after of the same baby in the same stroller without the Snuggin Go (left) and with the Snuggin Go (right).  Wow.  Big difference! 

The Snuggin Go was designed for preemies and term babies from newborn (as little as 4 pounds) all the way up to 1 year.  After 30 pounds, there’s the Snuggin Go Too child seat positioner for toddlers and bigger kids!

Why do you need a Snuggin Go? 

Why do you need a snuggin go?

There’s just no reason to not!  Plus, it’s all completely machine washable!  They even make strap covers to match!

There’s just no excuse for droopiy sleeping babies anymore!  Order your Snuggin Go today, or stop by Sugarfoot’s and pick one up!  At just $34.95, you can’t afford to not!

Have a Snuggin Go and love it?  Tell us about it!  Want to know more?  Ask a question, and we’ll be sure to get back with you!


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